Translation Services

The Consulate in Chiang Mai does not provide translation or interpreter services.

The consulate does not maintain a list of interpreters in Chiang Mai, however, the US Consulate General does offer a list of interpreters from the private sector that may be helpful (click their link).

US CG Translator webpage.

To locate a NAATI translator or interpreter, visit this link:

 National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) 

For the Australian Embassy Bangkok list of translation providers in Bangkok visit this link:

You can also click the following link for Australian Embassy Bangkok list of translation service providers in Bangkok, Thailand.

List of Translators and Interpreters***

Disclaimer  – The names and contact details of service providers in Thailand appearing in the List of Translators and Interpreters has been compiled by the Australian Embassy Bangkok from publicly available information. The Embassy does not endorse any of the service providers appearing in this list, provides no guarantees as to its currency and does not accept any liability if you choose to engage one of these service providers.

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