No Statutory Declaration for Income Verification or Residence Certificate

Notarial Services we are unable to provide include:

  • From 7 January 2019 the Australian Embassy Thailand and the Consulate General Phuket will NOT be witnessing statutory declarations which declare income or bank balances for Thai Immigration purposes.
  • Witnessing statutory declarations or providing a letter which declares your address in Thailand, including to open a Thai bank account.


See this Embassy webpage for more details/

This also applies to any Outreach Program visits to Chiang Mai, as well. Statutory

Please see this notice issued by the Australian Embassy Bangkok:

NOTICE Income Verification


Thai Immigration wants the Australian Embassy to “verify your income or bank balance as stated in your declaration” and the Embassy advise that they are unable to do this.

What do I do now?

You should show Thai Immigration authorities that you have either the income or bank balance (or combination) required to obtain your visa by transfering the funds needed to a Thai bank account. You should speak with your Thai bank to obtain the necessary documents of evidence for Thai Immigration.

See more detail on visa requirements below. You should also discuss your own circumstances with Thai Immigration to determine what they will accept for evidence of required funds.

What do I need for my Thai Visa application?

Please see the following Thai immigration websites for detailed information on requirements:

Retirement Extension –

Spouse of Thai National –

What if I am unable to demonstrate that I meet the income requirements?

Having funds as required by legislation is a requirement of the Thai Government. If you are unable to meet the requirements, the Australian Embassy is not able to intervene on your behalf.

Can I get my statutory declaration witnessed before 7 January 2019?

Yes. You can make an appointment at the Australian Embassy Bangkok to obtain this service – see this Australian Embassy website – notarial services.

The last Outreach Program in Chaing Mai (for this year) is on 16 November 2018 (see this website for details). The Australian Embassy/Consulate can not confirm the period of validity of any statutory declarations made for use with Thai Immigration.

Questions or Enquiries

Should your require further information please contact the Australian Embassy Consular Services, Bangkok – by phone – 02 344 6300 or email –



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