No Statutory Declaration for Income Verification or Residence Certificate

Notarial Services we are unable to provide include:

  • From 7 January 2019 the Australian Embassy Thailand and the Consulate General Phuket will NOT witness statutory declarations or provide certified copies of documents which declare income or bank balances for Thai Immigration purposes, or


  • Witnessing statutory declarations or provide a letter which declares your address in Thailand, including to open a Thai bank account.

This also applies to any Outreach Program visits to Chiang Mai, as well. See this Embassy webpage for more details.

From the Embassy Web Site:

“Australian Embassy staff cannot assist Australians to obtain or extend Thai visas, nor can Embassy staff provide supporting documents to Australians for Thai visa applications. This includes statutory declarations and certified copies of documents for Thai visa purposes.

Statutory declarations – Embassy staff can only witness Australian statutory declarations for use in Australia. As such, Embassy staff cannot witness statutory declarations which declare your income or bank balances for Thai immigration purposes.

Certified copies – While Embassy staff can provide certified copies of documents, Thai Immigration has advised that they will not accept certified copies of documents as evidence of income in support of visa applications. The Embassy cannot certify evidence of your income for this purpose.

More information –

  • For information on how to meet Thai visa, immigration or citizenship requirements, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra directly; or
  • If you are already in Thailand, you should contact the Thai Immigration Bureau on (02) 141 98 89 or visit their office nearest you


Questions or Enquiries

Should your require further information please contact the Australian Embassy Consular Services, Bangkok – by phone – 02 344 6300 or email –



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