Thailand Australian Alumni Awards 2020

The 2020 Australian Alumni Awards nominations are now open until Friday 21 August 2020. The award winners will be announced at the Australian Alumni Awards presentation ceremony on 23 September.

The Australian Alumni Awards celebrate and showcase the achievements of Alumni members who have applied their Australian education in their professional endeavors in Thailand. Alumni can apply themselves, or be nominated by anyone, including their Australian higher education institution.


  1. Alumni of the Year Award

Open to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their professional career and/or through charitable activities.

  1.  Alumni Leadership Award

Open to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership of the highest calibre. The award recognizes both established leaders and emerging leaders.

  1. Alumni Entrepreneurial Award

Open to individuals, who have achieved entrepreneurial success. The individual may be an owner, partner, investor or employee who has successfully implemented an innovative initiative.

  1. Young Alumni Award

Open to individuals, aged under 35 years (at the time of nomination), who have distinguished themselves through a high level of professional accomplishment and/or charitable service early in their career.

  1. Alumni Community Engagement Award

Open to individuals who have demonstrated an ability to enhance and develop the livelihood of the communities in which they live/work.

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If you know a Thai Australian alumni who have gone on to achieve success in their chosen field, please nominate them or share this post with them to apply themselves.

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