Chiang Mai Covid-19 – Resources and Social Media Links

The Chiang Mai Consulate is receiving requests for information on travel, restrictions and, being asked about the local resources for information about Covid-19.

For both Australia and Thailand, including Chiang Mai specific, there are some English language web, Facebook & social media sites that may help to find information. CM CityNews reports that there is now a Chaing Mai command center established to monitor & disseminate COVID-19-specific news and information.

This post provides some links, noting there may be other sites, so this is not an exhaustive list – but offered to provide some points of reference.

Australia in Thailand 

Australian Embassy Bangkok Facebook –

Australian Embassy Bangkok Website –

Smartraveller Thailand –

Smartraveller Facebook –

Government Information

Royal Thai Government –

WHO Thailand –

Thailand Dept of Disease Control –

Tourism Authority Thailand –

Australia Home Affairs – Australian entry and visa matters –

Australian Department of Health – Covid-19 information –

Australian Covid-19 Travel –

CM English News and Social Media

CM Foreign Community Support Group –

This page is run by Thai government agencies, volunteer organisations and Secretariat Consular Corps in Chiang Mai. The aim is to inform foreign residents, tourists and students of important information related to health and safety in Chiang Mai Province

CM Citylife – local news –

CM News in English –

CM One News –

  • Twitter – Hashtag Covid-19

Thai Visa Advice – social FB informal page (need to join the group) –

CM Thai News

CM108 –

CM News –

Australian News


Expat Support

Chiang Mai Search and Rescue

This is a new group, Chiang Mai Search & Rescue (CMSAR), and understood to be a 100% volunteer association committed to helping those in need in Northern Thailand. Our current mission is to establish a community of helpers and to identify those who may need us in a civil emergency. This group is apparently working in collaboration with Lanna Care Net, All Saints Church, and the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club to offer support to vulnerable ex-pats. They are looking for volunteers to assist and to identify vulnerable ex-pats.


Lanna Care Net

Lanna Care Net is a group of people who help aging foreigners live safe and healthy lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and surrounding areas. We do this by providing advice and practical assistance where necessary.

Other Expats Links

Expats Chaing Mai (need to join this group) –

Aussies in Chiang Mai –

Chiang Mai Expat Club –


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