Australia Day 2020 Chiang Mai

Happy Australia Day – no matter where you are you can celebrate our national day.

Check out this video from Celebrate Australia Day – This is the Story of Australia – the story of an extraordinary nation. The Story begins 60,000 years ago. New chapters are written every day. On Australia Day, we reflect on our history, its highs, and its lows. We respect the stories of others. And we celebrate our nation, its achievements and most of all, its people. We’re all part of the story.

Australia Day – Reflect. Respect. Celebrate




Here is their Facebook page – Celebrate Australia Day

Chiang Mai Activity

Here in Chiang Mai, I know there are Australian’s and their Thai friends getting together to have their own celebrations.

There are also a couple of businesses in Chiang Mai, that I am aware of, that are also holding Australia Day events – you are welcome to go along and say G’day and have some fun.

Check them out –

Yummy Family Pizza Restaurant

Downunder Pub


Happy Australia Day to everyone

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