CM World Fair18 – Tourism Business Matching Activity

Please share this with any Australian you might know that is involved in the tourism business in Northern Thailand.

The Australian Consulate has had a request from the Office of the Governor of Chiangmai Province regarding a Tourism matching event to be held in association with the CMWF18 – quote:

“This year Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 will have a tourism business matching activity on either the 29 or 30 June 2018 at 15:00. Consulates involved in the CMWF18 are asked to nominate (bring) a tourism-related company to join the business matching.

The tourism company could be inbound or outbound and involve any kind of business such as – Spa, hotel, Travel agency, sport, Adventure, etc. and could be a big or small company.”

There are no further details available at this time, but each country has been asked to nominate (bring) at least one company. If anyone is involved in with tourism and interested (per above) in joining this activity please contact the consulate with your details and contact information.

Email: or phone – 091 857 6996

Responses by the end of May 18 are appreciated. I will then supply these to the Governor’s Office.

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