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Passport appointments in Chiang Mai are only available every other (2nd) week (Tues & Wed am). For dates see menu - (Consular Services) - or - email us for information & dates.

Hello & Welcome – Sawadee

The Consulate supports the Australian Embassy Bangkok in the Northern Thailand consular district.

An Honorary Consul (HonCon), a volunteer appointed by the Australian & Thai Governments, operates the consulate offering some consular information & assistance:

  • Taking passport applications, by appointment.
  • Note: There are consular services we are not authorised to provide:
  • * Notarial (document) Services – The Consulate is not authorised by DFAT, so can not provide notarial services.
  • * Australian Visas- This is not an authorised visa center, so we can not offer advice or help regarding visa applications.

*See consular services & information links below.*

The consulate undertakes public diplomacy activities to support the Embassy Bangkok, including strengthening the Australian-Thailand bilateral relationships. It also belongs to the Consular Corps of Northern Thailand.

Consulate Hours & Contact

For information & before visiting (by appointment only) – contact the Consulate by phone or email – (we only respond during open hours)

  • Hours – Monday to Thursday – 9 am to 12
  • Closed – Fri, Sat, Sun & Public Holiday
  • Closed as advertised – for holidays
  • Visit by appointment Only
  • Phone: 091 857 6996
  • Email – – or

Location Address & Google Map


If you are in Australia 

If you require assistance for someone in Thailand, you must contact the DFAT Consular Emergency Center, Canberra, to discuss your needs: 1 300 555 135 (within Australia Only)

Out of Hours Consulate Contact

  • When the Consulate is closed contact the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.
  • Phone – 02 344 6300 (select consular services)
  • Email – 
  • responses are only provided during opening hours

After Hours Consular Assistance

  • If calling after Bangkok Embassy hours, select option 1 to be transferred to the Consular Emergency Centre in Australia. 
  • If the call is not transferred, phone the DFAT Emergency Center on +61 2 6261 3305 (call charges apply)

Passport & Consular Services – Limitations Chiang Mai

The following provides information about various consular services & other topics. Click on the topic to open the page for details & links to specific information pages.


The next Embassy visit to Chiang Mai is Friday, 5 May 2023.

Consular Assistance

Here is an information web page link regarding consular services available in Thailand.


New and renewal passport applications can be lodged with an appointment at the Consulate in Chiang Mai, (only nominated days)

Notarial Services

These are only available at the Embassy in Bangkok, with an appointment. Note – Limited services are available by mail. 

Register Marriage in Thailand

A “certificate of no impediment” application must be lodged in person at the Embassy Bangkok, with an appointment.

Information for Australians

This is information on a range of questions frequently asked by Australians in Thailand.

Service Charter

This outlines the services and assistance that may & can not be provided to Australian citizens.

Thailand Visas & Extensions

The Consulate can not offer advice, or assistance on obtaining, extending, or facilitating visas for Thailand.

Australian Visa or Citizenship by Decent

The Consulate is not authorised to assist with Australian visa and citizenship applications & related matters. 


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Australian Embassy in Bangkok – Website & Social media

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Australian Embassy Bangkok website –

Australia in Thailand Facebook page – Embassy Twitter

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